Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drake - Take Care ft. Rihanna (Official Video)

I saw this video last night (yes I was watching the Pauly D show... don't but this video came on after and I was absolutely totally blown away!!!
One by the fact that MTV actually showed a video... :op
But... I don't know; the words, the images... all of it really just made me take an extra deep breath and gave me goose bumps. 
This is one of those songs that the words express the beauty that is part of life (love lost, love won and the hurt that involves) but the images in the video I think is a wonderful example of how (when we open ourselves up) we are able to express a feeling that we all have felt (maybe still feeling) in a way that makes me know there is a higher power as the intense beauty of it all coming together can run thru you and make you smile and cry at the same time...

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