Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Hello my name is Beth I'm 36 years (young :op) & yes I want my Mommy!!!!”

O.K. so I’m a bit whinny today because a person can only take so much.  Yes I’m a responsible adult who takes care of me but there are times (like now) when I do so long for the care that a Mother gives you when you are sick.  She holds a cold cloth to your head to keep your brain from boiling, uses words to sooth an aching tummy, and rubs lotion on your back to reduce your fever.  The wonderful home remedies that no RX would ever be able to replace.

I do miss my parents every day and wish they didn’t live so far away (or I didn’t live so far away) but when you’re sick it’s a bit more amplified and well forgive me for being selfish for a moment to just want to be back in her care and feel the love that heals!  I mean really… nose, fluids, more than the Hoover Dam can hold...just say'n... :o)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


O.K. so it wasn’t a full on “I’m a bad @ss ditch my responsibilities” type of hookie but still, I’m simple so the ½ day of vacation was enough for me to feel like I was the rebel without a cause…lol

It was nice to be out in about during the day (without the 1 hour lunch time limit) and just meander and do random things that you normally don’t do during weekdays if you are M-F 9 to 5’er type of person.  When you’re home sick it’s not like you’re out having fun but… when you are just doing as you please because you have time off of work then it’s the simple freedom of just being that really brings the smile to my face. 

I didn’t do anything super exciting… chores, a little shopping, oh yeah and a mini nap…  Yeah like I said it’s not “I’m a bad @ss ditch my responsibilities” type of deal but well I’m going to say I like my boring life and am OK with me :op