Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I Google!!!!

So I am officially looking for a new apartment (Yah almost back to civilization).  I looked at a place last night (cute hope I get it) but still looking till I know for sure. 
So cursing the apartments on Craigslist I come across a “Large Studio for $775” everything included and they allow pets…. Woo Hoo! Score!... Right? I email the ad and get a response back.  The gentleman gives me the address and I say I will be there after work. 
Then; I go to the Google…  I search the address and it comes up with a name of a person who was recently arrested for having illegal slots machines and drug paraphernalia in the back of the Gas Station he owns. 
Slots and Drugs in the backroom of a Gas Station?  Am I on the Sopranos?  Do I really want to be on Cops that bad?
 Hmmmm I’m going to go with a big fat NO!!  I call back to leave a message that I am allset and have found a place (so as not to just not show up... I mean that would be rude) and go on my marry way again being show another reason why I Heart the Google oh so very much!!!

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