Friday, March 30, 2012


O.K. so I know I'm changing my way of eating and trying to be more healthy but I'm also human and live in the land that Dunkin's didn't
(I.E. on my way to work I pass 7 Dinkins in a 10 mile stretch of road)
Anyways I stop today for a little Friday morning sugar rush cause I love SUGAR!!! Oh sorry I mean because I can :p
But... stopping I have to say did make me a little sad (on the inside) just because I had to order a glazed "Stick" and couldn't order a glazed "Cruller". 
 I love saying "Cruller" it's just fun word to say and reminds me of a simple time when going to get coffee and donuts (and a cruller for me) on Sunday mornings with my Dad was really the best thing in the whole world... 
Still a sweet memory but Satchel Pooch really express’s it best.

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