Monday, March 5, 2012

March Afternoon at the Ocean to get me back to Me...

With all that goes on in this world, in my life, in my head the ocean can bring me back to my center.   
The sound of waves crashing into the shore.  
The smell of the clean salt air.   
The sun warming you while the cool wind colors your cheeks with the perfect shade of wind burn red giving you that rosy glow. 
The end and the beginning being in the same place at the same time… Earth and Sky and Water and Fire (Sun) is really the only thing that can bring me back to me.    
I thank God for the wonders that are always all around us but the Sea Shore is really one of those things in this world that maybe over looked or never even experienced by some but for me would be sorely missed if it was not just a short drive away.
Ahhhhh able to breathe in the good once again.  
Thank you Hampton for being you and there for me when I need the therapy only you are able to provide. :o)   

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