Saturday, January 7, 2012


I’m caught in a sun beam and I am loving it!!  Right now writing this I am literately enjoying the sun shining thru the pine trees coming in my window and warming me heart and soul as it always does when I feel it on my skin but figuratively I am caught in a sun beam and am taking it with me where ever I go to share. 

You know how you look at some people and can see the look on their face or how they carry themselves and picture that dark rain cloud hanging over their heads.  Me I am trying to project the beam of light that I feel in me and shine that out to who is open to feel it. 
Enjoying the New Year feel still and all the possibilities that are open to me it is wonderful to shine the light on what I’m attracted to most and follow that beam.

I am the Sun being a Leo and all but it’s more than that.  It’s the warmth that the Sun represents and what I, as me would like to emulate in my life. 

I love living in the warmth of my Friends and Family and what they offer of themselves.  Not using this to change who I am but knowing that I am this way and they still love me for who that is. 

I am the Sun and will carry my beam with me for those who need it and share it with them till they are able to find their beam and shine and share it with others :)

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