Sunday, January 1, 2012


Moving forward is two simple words that should be the easiest thing to do yet this is the hardest for a lot of us.  We know what we need to do to be where we want to be yet starting or keeping up what needs to be done eludes us.
Moving on to change your life or moving on to change a relationship are easy to do on paper and in our minds but when that plan is put into practice it can seem over whelming and frustrating when you don’t see the results when you want to see results.
For me it’s the weight loss… I know what I need to do but that impetus keeps eluding me.  I can feel it… its right there and I’m reaching out for it but keep knocking it just out of reach with my finger tips as I try to grab for it.
I am going to try something different this year… I am going to not so much reach for it as I am going to let it come to me.  I will move forward with my life and each day chose to be me.  Not what I think others want me to be.  Or who I think others will like but just plain ole me. 
I might not say the right thing or react to something how people think I should react but I will know that I am acting as me.  It is great to reach for something and push yourself but if you are always hanging on the edge trying to reach what is just out of reach then you are not able to move forward to what is trying to be achieved as you are hanging on the ledge.
Just making sure that you are moving forward I think will be the right move for me… Keeping in mind what I want and need… Living consciously will bring what I want closer to me and able to put it within reach.
Yep 2012 will be an amazing year and I know it will be as I choose it to be and will be moving forward every day!

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