Wednesday, January 11, 2012

KW your light will forever shimmer in the sky for all to see

So yesterday was an interesting day... I went to a sales meeting were I thought I would just be there in case anyone had any questions (in regards to what I do) and it turned out that I was one of four people who received a Q4 “Wingman” award for our gov side.  I don’t’ usually brag because well I know I’m awesome so don’t’ need to rub it in…lol but the reason I am sharing is because of the first sentence of the description for why I was nominated.
Now bear in mind as I set the scene that there is another person in the company (different division) with the same name as me so when “Beth” came up on the screen I thought oh that’s nice for her. 
Then I see the presenter is looking at me… “Hello shades of red!!” is all I can say as I realized it was me that was being recognized and could feel my face turn red and well I’m sure my whole body was
 “Heck that’s super neat” I was thinking to myself how nice that someone thought what I do helps them out so much they would nominate me.  As I was thinking this I hear the presenter read the first sentence (see below) of what the person who nominated me wrote.
Well all I can say it that when I heard this I giggled and kind of confirmed it…lol  I won’t give you the whole “Beth is awesome” report as some of it falls under company confidential so I would like to keep my job.  I mean as I’m doing such a good job anyways why rock the boat right…lol
But below is something that when you read it and know how I am you will totally be able picture me giggling in a crowded conference room that had remote users and other sites video conferring in… Yep that’s just me :o)
Below please describe the outstanding support role for which you are nominating your Wingman.
Beth is quite possibly the happiest person in our Company, and is shows in her work.  GovC Account Managers keep her VERY busy with ASP requests and pricing updates.  She has the fastest turnaround time in the company.  It's nice to have a daily process that works well and is headache free. 

Now I’m going to go from the above to very tragic event and something that will never be able to make sense of but still needs to be put out there.
Monday I came into work to find out about an 11 year old girl who took her own life on Sunday.  I am not a parent so I can only empathize so much as to the pain the family must be feeling.  My thoughts and prayers were being sent out to them as much as I could because of so many reasons but the main one is I remember what it was like to be an 11 year old girl and all that goes along with that. 
Tuesday after the sales meeting I’m back at my desk talking with Meg and she lets me know who the little girl is (KW)... And yes I use the term little girl as that is what an 11 year old girl is... not a tween or pre-teen but a little girl who has so much life yet to experience that the first 11 years will seem like a drop in the bucket.  Her father works here and puts me to shame as far as being the happiest person in the company. 
He is always so nice with such a wonderful smile that no matter how bad your day is going you see him and instantly feel better.  I understand some people wear masks and who they are at work is not who they truly are but still there is something to be said for kind eyes and a gentle smile that can’t be faked.
Knowing that he is now going thru pain more heart wrenching than anyone can imagine makes no sense as far as how the world works and what each person goes thru in their lives.
I’m sharing this because of the need to express my heartfelt sympathies to him and his family but to also just put it out there as a reminder for everyone with children that children need to be able to stay children as long as possible before all the mobile phones, facebook profiles, twitter account only communicating via inter-net takes over. 
There are a few precious years that we have as children to be able to feel the earth and the sky and all the wonders around us before we start having to deal with issues that come into our lives.  I have no idea the torment this little girl was experiencing that made her feel she only had one way out but what I do know is that she is now safe and in a presence that nothing but pure true love will be felt by her. 
Prayers go out to the whole family that her spirit, her memoires and their faith that she is now only feeling love will help them thru what would be and is now a point in all of their lives that will change who they are.  I pray and hope this change will be for the good and their love for her and each other will bring them closer than ever before.    

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