Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Randomness Thy name is Beth…

Ok so I’ll be moving in a couple of months (closer to Friends and work but still NH) and I’ve been going thru something’s.  I found old mixed CD’s… Yes I still do mix CD’s as I am not cool enough to have an IPod that will play in my car :op
Anyways I thought I would share the last six songs on the CD I was listening to on my way to work today.  I love the randomness that sometimes just fits me so well it’s no scary per-say more of a “God I love the way the Universe works” type of deal… So from Country, to Hip-Hop, to Soft Rock, to Dance, to Folk (oh yeah I run the gambit baby) the order of the songs below I realize that the randomness is how my heart and soul talks to me thru music (even if I don’t know what I’m saying at the time).
Alabama - I'm In A Hurry - is me telling me to slow down and giving me permission to enjoy the daily routine and see what happiness is there but that I don’t see sometimes because I am rushing around. 
Fort Minor - Remember the Name - is giving me a kick in the tuches and reminding me that I… Me… is the one who needs to work for the changes I want to have happen. 
Don Henley – End of the Innocence - is a way of saying that “yes” life is not always the sunshine and rainbows I wish it to be and once the luster of someone or something is gone doesn’t mean that it is ruined for ever just means that I need to find the beauty in what is really truly there.  
Rascal Flatts – Broken Road – is… well this song just makes my heart melt and know that there is true love out there and when the time is right we’ll meet and I’ll know that there was no other path I could have taken to where I need to be… Right here… Right now.
Fragma - Toca's Miracle - is a song that reminds me of my early twenties but listening to the words the miracle that I need is the miracle that is the love I have for myself that will be mirrored but the Man who truly loves me and I in turn feel for him.  It’s not the physical “parting of the red seas” miracle I need but the emotional connection that I have always know I want from others. 
Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine – is, well I know this song is about drugs but for me it is more of a reminder that sometimes I need to lock myself away and just recharge.  Sunshine I love you but the darkness is needed (every now and again) to remind me how bright the Sun truly is…
Music can move us in ways we never thought possible and give us the freedom to express our hearts desires even if it is done on a subconscious level… Our heart and soul dances to the music and moves us where and how we should move to make our lives richer.

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