Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Love Again

How to Love Again?  It is a simple question but the answer will be different for all of us.  Can you truly love again if you have been so devastatingly hurt?  The love you once knew and cherished is no longer.  The person who you have held (and still hold) in your heart of hearts does not return your love.  How do you move on?  Can you truly rationalize what has happened and not let it affect you?

The reason I ask is because I have no idea… I have a friend (no really it’s not me) who is going thru this right now and I have no idea how to help.  I know by just listening I’m being a good friend because we all need a sounding board but it also gets me thinking.

I see how much love he has/had for this person and I truly feel his pain that it is no longer what he wants or needs it to be for him to be happy but that leaves the question of “How to Love Again”?

I kind of noticed this back when I was dating that (at least the men I ran across) were not over their last relationship yet they were out dating because of either loneliness or feeling like this is what they had to do.
I can understand that I mean no one wants to be alone.  We need that physical touch and emotional support and to feel like we can return that same in kind but “How to Love Again”?   

If you are not ready how do you let others know that you just need sometime.  And when does the line get crossed of taking too much time and hiding your heart away to never get hurt again?

I have a hard time answering this because of how I am.  I feel love for everyone I meet and as I get to know them better that love grows.  Now it grows differently for each person of course but it is still love so for me to have to try to put myself in someone else shoes of questioning whether you can love again I’m at a loss.  How to Love Again for me is as easy as breathing.  Yes I have learned lessons that I do not give my heart away as easily as I once did but love, oh sweet sweet love, the how, the why, the who will always reveal itself in time. 

Maybe “How to Love Again” is as simple as being able to keep an open mind and not forcing the square peg thru a round hole if you will… 

Hmmmmm? How to Love Again?

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