Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remember To Breathe

This is one of those songs (for me at least) that is just wonderful done.  The Rhythm, the Rhyme, and the Harmony can bring you to a place where sometimes you need to be.

Whatever is going on in your life you need something or sometimes it is someone who can bring you back to zero.  Give you that moment where you truly “Remember To Breathe”.

There are many things in my life (Friends included) that help me but today my “Remember To Breathe” moment is with this song.

The rhythmic guitar cords, the haunting violin melody mixed with the whispers of voices telling me to “Remember to Breathe” by painting a wonderful picture that it will be O.K.

The powerful way the words are just belted out and come to the crescendo that it will be alright always gives me goose bumps.

For a mind that is contently going this song helps me just relax and listen to not only the words, the music, but to my heart, mind, and soul as well.

I Love when life reminds me with a song that I have the answers within me I just need to “Remember to Breath”

Dashboard Confessional – Remember To Breathe

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